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I work as a Coach specialized on Relationships.

If you are dissatisfied in your marriage or going through marriage crisis, together we can take a look at your situation, where exactly could be the problem, clarify the situation and help you to orientate in it.

Marriage consultations we do together with my husband Vladimir, who works as a Coach too. 


If you would like to know more about me you can find it here

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Milena Dědková
+420 731 011 688
Kovařovicova street, Brno, Czech Republic

Married (Couple)
Man and Woman

This consultation we do together with my husband Vladimir who is also a coach. Since the coming couple is a man and a woman and their opinion about the situation is usually quiet different, we have a good experience with coaching also as a couple so the balance can be maintained. During the consultation we don’t search for who is to blame and we don’t judge anybody. We are interested in you, your story and your situation. Thanks to that we and you together can start to search how to improve your situation. 

1 consultation (90 minutes) .... 50 Euro

Parents and Children

I know from my own experience that the relationships with our children can give us a hard time. Parents are changing, children are growing and changing, and so the relationships between them are also changing. 

I have my own experience with it because I have two children 8 and 10 and to maintain a good relationship with them is everyday challenge. 

During the consultation we can take a look at your situation and then we can look for the way to improve it

1 consultation (90 minutes) .... 30 Euro

Why cannot I find a partner?

Why can't you find a partner? My personal experience is that it is not about meeting or not meeting the right one or that it is a question of destiny to find a partner. If one wants to find a partner then one needs to clarify what one wants. Actually it isn't so difficult to clarify what one wants but it is necessary to ask oneself the right questions. 

1 consultation (90 minutes) .... 30 Euro  

Personal development
or else
What next in life?

Are you asking yourself what next? You have everything and yet something is missing? Are you bored? You have built the family, the house or apparment, you go to vacation, you have hobbies but there is still something missing? Are you asking "and is this all?"

No, it is not all. There is much more inside of you to be find. 

1 consultation (90 minutes) .... 30 Euro  


The Principles of Life®

These workshops are great for those who want more from life. For all of you who desire to have good relationships, good physical condition, discover your dreams and search for how to reach them, get to know the magic and huge possibilities that life offers us 

Workshops take place in three levels. The first level explains us how to become a personalitythe second one how to orientate in life, and finally third one how to create a future we wish to have 

Duration of the workshops:

I. Level - 3 days (usually Fr-Sun). 
Price for 1 workshop is 250 Euro.

II. Level - 4 days (usually Thu-Sun)
Price for 1 workshop is 320 Euro.

If you are interested in more information, take a look at www.principyž

Working day
mums with children

This workshop takes place in a family environment where come together maximum 4 mums with their children. We spend the day with everyday activities during which usual interactions between children and their mums happen. And on these interactions is possible to trace down what could function better in their relationship. On it then we work together. 

The day starts at 9 a.m. and ends between  3,30 and 4,00 p.m. 


Why to work on my relationships and myself

 Maybe you are asking yourself why? Why should I invest into getting to know myself and into my relationships?

Whether it is a relationship between partners or a relationship between children and parents (or other close relationships), all of them influence our life very much.

My experience is that if I have some problem with my husband or my children  which I don’t know to solve, it bothers me and I don’t feel good. Even though it isn’t like that I think about it all the time. However, I still feel it somehow subliminally. And then I can’t fully focus on other areas of my life. I have an experience that the home discomfort also influences our health and our financial situation. While if the relationships between us function well I feel safe and Idon’t have to focus on that which doesn’t work and I function in other areas in my life with a completely different energy, capacity and motivation (for instance learning new things, searching new possibilities at my work, relationships with other people, etc.)

And how to reach good relationships, good physical condition and fulfilled life? I have been looking for the answer to this question many years and finally I have come to a conclusion that to really reach a change and in order it to be a permanent change, I need to work on myself. If I change myself then the world around me “changes” too. The word “changes” I write in the parenthesis because it isn’t that the world would really changes but if I do a different action I get a different reaction (the law of action-reaction). And that is an universal principle upon which I can really build.



My name is Milena Dědková, I am  44 years old. I live with my husband Vladimír and two daughters Veronika (2007) and Laura (2009) in Brno, Czech Republic. 

Since I remember I've been curious about how things function and I've liked to learn. 

After the finishing of the basic and the secondary school I didn't want to go to University, because I wanted so much to be on my own. So I went to work. I found my first job. It was some position of an assistant in then Telekom. Soon the 'Velvet Revolution' had come and several months after I started to travel in Europe. After that when I was 21 I got married for the first time. All my friends were married then and I had a feeling that I was missing the boat. And so I got divorced two years later. When I am looking back at it I didn't have any idea what are the relationships about and how to deal with them.

After that I had been somehow hanging out several years and at the end I left to the United States where I lived for more than five years. I went there especially because I felt a big need to learn English and also because the States were a symbol of freedom for me by then. It's just that I have been longing for the freedom ever since I remember. In the States I was doing more or less fine and it was there I started, for the first time, to look for some answers about what things function like, through the New Age literature. I went through affirmations, creative visualisation, holotropic breathing and buddhism. And then, after about 4 years, one day I woke up and I saw that there is no where else to grow for me and that it is time to move on. I decided to go back to Europe but instead of Czech Republic I decided to go to Spain to Barcelona because I wanted to learn Spanish. In Spain I've spent one year, I've learned the language and then I came back to Brno. 

It was in 2003 that I started to study Mandala of life at that time, and Principles of Life® later. Right after the first workshop I knew that this is IT. Finally I got concrete and understandable answers to my questions. Nobody has ever told me what I should do, but during the workshops I've been learning about how various universal laws function. And then it is just up to me what I do with the gained information. And what is the most amazing is that if I apply that I learn in my life, it works! And I've started to be capable of reaching those things I have always longed for. And another, for me absolutely essential thing, has happened during my studies of the Principles. Since I have studied them, my life has gained some other dimension, other extent, color, sense and direction. Now the life is for me much more than I have ever imagined. It has its great magic without which I can't even imagine to live anymore and I want to know much more!

After several first years of my studies I had finally met personally Helena Vertelmanova, who has created this philosophy, and who since then has been my great inspiration. I have never in my life met somebody so wise, firm, kind and free, somebody who is so freely herself. Somebody who has the strength to say how see and feel things even though others see in a completely different way and while doing that she has never been pushing others or imposing upon them. 

I'd stayed in Brno for a year and then I moved to Luxembourg where I worked for the European Parliament and the Commission. The work there was very well payed and I gained such an existential security like never before. But exactly this security started to somehow get me down, because I was missing new impulses and challenges. So I resigned after 3 years and decided to move back to Spain. Just before I went there I met my husband Vladimir who decided to go with me. However, I soon got pregnant and so we decided to have kids and a wedding in Czech Republic and we settled in Prague. Altogether we spent 3 years in CZ, two years in Prague and one year in Brno. And when our older daughter was two and a half and the younger one eight months, we decided to move to Mexico to Playa del Carmen and later to Puerto Aventuras where we spent 3 years. After that we decided to go back home and here we are now. 

Thanks to the studies and getting to know myself I have very much improved my relationships, I've established a well functioning family and I have become much more balanced, firm and healthy. And regarding my longed-for freedom? I have found out that it is not about not having commitments and about traveling all the time.

I now consider as the biggest freedom to make my own opinion about everything  what is important to me, discover who I actually am and take my life into my own hands. And that is my goal now!






how to create own lifehow life functionshow relationships functionwhat I likewhat are relationships aboutwillingnesslet myself to be surprisedpotentialadmit other opinionwho am Iwhat I can dowho I am notwhat I can't dowhat I don't likewhat are relationships good for
Kovařovicova ul. Brno
+420 731 011 688


  • They said about me...


    Mgr. Eva Rohde, lawyer

    I have known Milena since many years when we once both waited in a very long queue in front of a public administration. At some moment we bumped into each other when each of us went to find out to the front „what is going on“, „how it could possibly go smoother“. We have quickly become friends. I have always admired on Milena her openness – not only about meeting new people but discussing everything that happens in one´s life. It was in fact Milena with whom I first started to realize that having „acne“ or „problems in a partnership“ do not have to remain my problem for the rest of my life. Milena would never let me complain endlessly but would always encourage and help me search why things work for me as they do. During all those years we know each other, I have seen Milena constantly evolving. Maybe because she always speaks only about such „little things“, at the beginning I was not really realizing it but when I look back in terms of years, the progress is huge. This is where I find Milena really inspiring.

    Bc. Hana Hozová, editor
    Brno, CZ

    I have known Milena several years and I respect her very much. It is very nice to co-oporate with her at looking for solution of various life problems with which I don't know how to deal. Milena has a rare gift to see things as they really are, without the rose-colored glasses. This is very helpful for me because I often tend to “paint things pink”, to try to see them better than they reallyare (like that nothing much happens, it´s not so bad). Milena can hit the nail on the head and lead me there where the root of the trouble is, to that what needs to be improved so the things could function better. And then there is another thing in which is Milena for me a great inspiration – she can stand up for herself, for her needs, go her own way. But not as a bulldozer. She does it as a woman who co-oporates with others, with her husband, with her family, with friends and her surroundings. It seems to me that she can manage her life in such a way that she likes to live it. A consultation with such a person is something completely different than if it would be advicing you a woman who is three times divorced and five years living alone about how to improove a communication with a partner. I simply belive to Milena and I am very glad that I have the possibility to aproach her when I feel bed. Altough she is at the other end of the planet.

    Bára Hapalová, sculptress
    Praha, CZ

    I've known Milena for many years and she is my close friend. I like her practical point of view at complicated life situations. In such moments she supports me and directs me in such a way that I would orientate myself in the situation the as much as possible and gradually find a solution for myself. She is honest and at the same time kind. She isn't afraid to launch into new things and cope with them. Her opinion is based on her own experience which inspires me in solving my own life situations.

    Cosmin Craciunescu, auditor
    Chicago, USA

    Who is Milena? In short words, a wonderful human being! She helped me “think” about things I have never thought before. She helped me know myself, understand better the world and to learn ways to accomplish a better relationship with my partner. It was a revelation for me to discover through our discussions that I was following same patterns in life which previously leaded me to unpleasant life experiences. I had no idea I was doing this, even if I like to think about myself as a critical and analytical thinker. So, no matter how good you think you are, for sure getting to know and meeting Milena will bring just improvements into your life. Beside these facts, she is the living proof that if you really want to do something in your life you can do it despite all odds. For this and not just for this, I want to thank you and to tell you that I admire you Milena!


  • Consultations and Workshops


    Personal consultation .....55 Euro
    (a consultation lasts 90 minutes)
    Consultation package:
    consultations ... 220 Euro
    consultation gratis, 6 months valid)

    Couple consultation .....85 Euro
    (a consultation lasts 90 minutes)
    Consultation package:
    consultations ... 340 Euro 
    consultation gratis, 6 months valid)


    Courses of Principy života®

    I. Level
    (It consists of 3 separate 3 days long courses).

    Price for 1 course ........... 250 Euro.

    II. a III. stupeň
    (It consists of 11 separate 4 days long courses).

    Price for 1 course............320 Euro